Blinded by Bjorn

Um, is that ‘Speed’ Strid?  What is he doing with those kids?  Seriously, this pic looks like a promo for a reality show…

*in my best Tom Bergeron* Can Metal’s superstars take these aspiring musicians to the top of the hard rock charts?  It’s Metal Mentor!!

Anyway, the pictured band is Blinded By Bliss and their debut album is free to download.  Doesn’t sound too bad if you’re into the kind of music you can tell these kids play by looking at them.



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I’ll fix it.

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I’m a sucker for female-fronted doom.

Monarch has that and throws in some drone, for good measure. It’s like a brutal lullabye.

Brooklyn Vegan’s got thier latest long-player, Omens, streaming in its entirety and a 30 minute vid of a live performance.  It’s all worth checking out, here.

Click here to jump to I/O where they’re giving away a copy of the album to a lucky winner.