Seventh Rule(s!)

Hey, look!  Another post.  Whoopee!

I was going to mention Seventh Rule records being a label that seems to do things right.  Signing some killer outfits with killer-er releases and making them available, digitally, for cheap or free.

Well, the label is celebrating it’s eighth year in business by offering tangible stuffs for $8, shipped. (A bit more if you’re not in the continental US.)  You forget about one of your buddies this Xmas?  Use the proven ‘It’s in the mail’ excuse and order them a CD here.

Be sure to check out Seventh Rule’s Bandcamp page for links to some cheap and free digital releases, while you’re at it.


Google vs. Amazon: Winner? Us!

My first second post is about the price war going on between the two web giants.  Both Google and Amazon have an incredible selection of albums for $4.99 a pop.  I don’t know how long this is going to last.  I imagine it’s until one caves-in and raises prices.  That being the case, I’d hit either or both services up soon and grab all the great stuff you may have missed this year.

You can check out all the recently published ‘Best of 2011’ lists for some ideas.  Click here to jump to Decibel Mag’s list, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

Hell(o) world!

So I had this crazy idea that most Metalheads are broke like me.  (Ok, so I’m cheap too.)  I used to just pirate stuff but decided to stop making excuses for stealing and go clean.

Broke. Cheap. Legit.  Would I have anything to listen to?  Turns out, yep.

It can be done.  I’ve got my hands on lots of great tunes for nearly nothing or flat-out free.  With ‘deal’ sites being all the rage, I thought I’d give a go of making one centered around Metal.

We’ll see if anything comes of this, I have a day job, after all.  Guess time will tell.