Tunes your girlfriend may be able to tolerate.


I usually spend my weekends with my lady and she is not a fan of 88% of the music I listen to.  If you’re in the same boat I am, good news!  Here’s a few albums that she won’t abhor and may even dig, herself.  Metal and vagina coexisting?  It can be done!

Town Portal takes the easy route to “girlfriend-approved” by being an instrumental band.  Those lazies.

Stream or download Vacuum Horror, here.

A Little Bitter is sure to get your lovely’s endorsement with vocals having “power & fragility likened to Corey Taylor meets Adam Duritz with a Chris Cornell middle ground” and a sound influenced by “AC/DC, Metallica, Rush, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam merged with a singer/songwriter lyrical sensibility.”  Despite those self descriptions, they sound pretty damn good.

Stream New Dawn Evolution, here.



Through Metalsucks

Thanks Town Portal and A Little Bitter


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