The slice is free but the whole cake’ll cost ya’.

I was debating posting this link or not because though streaming is free, purchasing the digital album will set you back $11! Not exactly a deal.

In the end, free streaming and a general love of Bandcamp’s model won.If you’re reading, Slice The Cake, drop that download price point. It’s better for you and us.


Seventh Rule(s!)

Hey, look!  Another post.  Whoopee!

I was going to mention Seventh Rule records being a label that seems to do things right.  Signing some killer outfits with killer-er releases and making them available, digitally, for cheap or free.

Well, the label is celebrating it’s eighth year in business by offering tangible stuffs for $8, shipped. (A bit more if you’re not in the continental US.)  You forget about one of your buddies this Xmas?  Use the proven ‘It’s in the mail’ excuse and order them a CD here.

Be sure to check out Seventh Rule’s Bandcamp page for links to some cheap and free digital releases, while you’re at it.